well I thought i had this edited but OMG Aspie Moment and I am still new at learning this Blogging stuff . Anyway My name is April and I have Overcome Mental Illness I started this Blog in memory of my friend Matthew Edwards one of my best friends and fellow Gamer.. I was born with Asperger’s syndrome though I was not diagnosed until 8 years ago after my children were diagnosed.. I always knew I was different but then i realized i was more like my children than i thought. I have struggled with depression, struggled with low self esteem, stuggled with Life.  People say everyone has a purpose and God makes a purpose for everyone so last week when i found out that my best friend Matt had given his life to suicide I knew that something had to be done.. So this begins Angels in Motion a Blog about how I have proven beyond what is normal that you can overcome mental illness and it is my misson to start spreading awareness and understanding on this subject.. I know i can not save the world but if i can make a difference to one person then this is all worth it . So everyday i will blog about my Life as an Aspie and how i can deal with mental Illness


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