Meltdowns and Angry Faces

Ok so this is one of those days when meltdowns come to this Aspie.


Disappointment kicks in, because truly, i really wanted to do something special for my fiance’ in Austrailia for christmas.  So since both of us have a love of gaming and MMO’s, i bought him guild wars 2 online and made a secret account for him.  Over skype, I told him ” look in your e-mail and merry christmas!!”

Then yesterday, the  Grinch sent him an e-mail saying that  his account was disabled, as was the key for the game. This was  on account that  it was bought with a stolen credit card.. so  in my logical way i told him that  i would fix it.

I called  them only to get told i needed to put in a ticket and  so thus began my “ASPIE meltdown”

I totally hate it when i think things are going good, and all the sudden the world goes into a fit of EPIC disaster in my mind.. so i ended up telling them off in a email and then finding money was replaced on the pre-paid visa i had bought the game with.

Me and john decided that yes, i was doing something nice and i tried and  instead of going through the hastle of buying the game for each other , we could buy it for ourselves instead and pretend it was from each other. This method i guess works.

So as my Meltdown and Angry Face slowly dies down, My question to you guys is,  If you were in this situation like me would this trigger a meltdown in you?

Happy thursday and merry christmasImage


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